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UHMW-PE pipe production line
UHMW-PE pipe production line





Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene(UHMWPE) compared to most of the polymers it is small friction coefficientlow abrasion wearchemicals resistancepunching resistancepressure resistancefreezing resistancewarm keepingself-lubricationcontamination resistancestress cracking resistancehygienic features and so on. The friction coefficient is between 0.07~0.11 same like ice on ice. Especially high self-lubrication and contamination resistance when producing pipes top of the plastic products, for example 4 times better than PA66 and PTFE 9 times better than  HDPE7 times carbon steel 10 times stainless steel. Perfect wear resistant material for conveying pipes effectively saves the energy loss during conveying and extends the pipe service life.


All because of these merits mentioned above UHMWPE is widely used in transportationagricultureminingmachinerypaper fabricationtextilefoodstuffmedical caregymnasticspower plantoil fieldmunicipal infrastructuresea cultivation, etc.

Screw and newly developed grooved barrel are specially designed for this production line. Mold made of special material and the different technical processes satisfy varieties of processing requirement. LCP and nano-material can be added as modifying agent.

Until now we offer such production line to fabricate UHMWPE pipe diameter range: 89mm~920mm.


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